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For patients with severe dental anxiety, we offer general anesthesia. The Carmona Smiles team is dedicated to providing gentle and compassionate dental care to all of our patients.

General Anesthesia in Coral Springs and Parkland

For most patients, local anesthesia and laughing gas are enough to calm their nerves during dental procedures. However, every case is unique, and all our patients have different needs. At Carmona Smiles, we can provide general anesthesia for certain procedures or for patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety and other conditions.

What is General Anesthesia?

General anesthesia is a combination of medications to put a patient to sleep before a surgery or other invasive medical procedure. Under general anesthesia, the patient will remain asleep throughout the procedure, and no pain will be experienced. This form of sedation is administered in a hospital under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.

General Anesthesia in Dentistry

Because it is such a powerful anesthetic, general anesthesia is not commonly used for routine dental treatments. Dentists and doctors must be specially trained to administer general anesthesia, so most practices only offer it under special circumstances. General anesthesia is most often used during oral surgery, wisdom tooth extractions and other invasive dental procedures when other forms of sedation may not be strong enough.

However, for patients with severe dental anxiety, or those who have experienced previous dental trauma, it can be the only way they can relax enough to receive treatment. If other forms of sedation are not enough to make the patient comfortable, sometimes general anesthesia is the best option to maintain their well-being.

For patients with special needs, general anesthesia can offer a useful alternative to sedation. Special needs patients may experience physical, emotional, sensory or cognitive issues that make dental procedures difficult to perform under other sedation methods. General anesthesia may also be used when other sedation options are unsuccessful due to the patient’s natural resistance or allergic reaction to these medications.

Is General Anesthesia Safe?

Yes, general anesthesia is safe. We will monitor the patient’s condition throughout the procedure and ensure comfort and safety. Be sure to discuss your child’s medical history and any concerns or concerns you may have about general anesthesia with our team. We are here to help you make informed decisions about your child’s dental care.

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